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   About Movevirgo Limited 

   Established for nearly thirty years, Movevirgo Limited is an archetypal SME, with long serving employees who have grown with the  

   company during the devlopment of ground breaking processes and materials introduced by the firms R&D department, or in 

   conjunction with a variety of business partners.

   The strong R&D base continues to work on materials destined for the sustainable composites side of the business, and on a variety  

   of  projects for the Offshore Oil & Gas industry.

   Further development of the Swell® Surfboard range, and our leisure products side of the business is also proving beneficial, with the  

   board range seen as one of the market leaders by many surf schools and adventure centres throughout Europe.



  Above can be seen the result of Movevirgo's sister company, Sustainable Composites Limited, working with Gloucester based couple   

  Simon and Ann Cooper, whose company Flaxland have developed the above canoe using flax coated with Sustainable Composites 

  linseed based EcoComp® UV-L resin. Further developments by Flaxland have produced a kayak using the same construction methods 

  and materials. More details on the project can be found on the Sustainable Composites Limited website.

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