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Since 1997 Movevirgo Limited has been involved in manufacturing various pre-moulded products for the oil and      

gas industry using the CONTRATHERM® SYNTACTIC PHENOLIC FOAM SYSTEM, as produced by Advanced                    

InsulationSystems Limited (formerly Alderley Materials Limited). This involvement has been both as the sub-contractor to Advanced Insulation Systems Limited, and also as the main contractor.

The CONTRATHERM® materials have excellent properties both as a thermal insulator and in offering blast and jet fire protection, when applied and used in the correct configurations. Should any material / design technical back up be required this is accessed through Advanced Insulation Systems Limited, to ensure the end client receives a product of the highest quality

    An insight into the Contratherm® material performance can be viewed on the Adavanced Insulation Systems Limited website:

Some of the projects completed by Movevirgo Limited themselves, and on behalf of Alderley Materials Limited (now Advanced Insulation Systems Limited) are shown below:

Click for more detail Emergency Shut Down Valve Covers for the Girassol Floating Production Storage Facility

Examples of the ESDV covers produced for the Girassol FPSO, designed to provide passive fire protection for the various shut down valves.
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Spool valve insulation covers for the Shell Penguin offshore installations

A dry assembly of the complete spool valve insulation cover and dry assembly of the complete insulation unit around the spool valve assembly.

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Click for more detail Pipe line joint insulation covers for the Philips Jade / Judy offshore installations

An example of the flange style half shell used to cover subsea pipeline joints on the Philips Jade / Judy offshore installations.
Half shells, having insulatory or fire protective properties, can be produced to cover virtually all types of pipe line for either sub sea or topside applications (subject to design criteria).

     Production of ESDV enclsoures, riser clamp enclosures and custom made fire pump enclosures have been completed

     for the following projects / platforms around the world:

     BP Andrew Area Development, Cygnus, Kittiwake, BP Magnus, British Gas Trinidad & Tobago Dolphin    

     platform, PT Gunanusa Project Indonesia. MLS Project Brunei, OFON Project Nigeria, Upper Zakum Project


All work by Movevirgo Limited has been completed to specification, price and on time, with all production work being conducted to ISO 9001:2008 Quality Assurance standard.

As can be seen a varied range of projects have been completed to date, each of which has enjoyed a close working relationship between material supplier, fabricator and end customer.

If you have a project or product, be it large or small, that could benefit from the use of the CONTRATHERM syntactic foam system and want further information, then contact Steve Wilkinson at Movevirgo Limited , using the contact details at the bottom of this page, or leave your details at the 'contact us' page by clicking here.

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