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SELF BAILER SUITABLE FOR LASER DINGHY (In compliance with class rules)

The Self Bailer has been produced by Movevirgo Ltd since 1982, and is suitable for the Laser Dinghy in compliance with class rules. Indeed, Movevirgo Limited were the suppliers of the Self Bailer to Performance Sailcraft Europe (manufacturers of the Laser range of sailing dinghy) for over 20 years. The product is supplied with full easy to fit instructions and can be ordered by sending a cheque made payable to Movevirgo Limited to the address below, or online through our eBay 'Buy It Now' page, using PayPal. 

  Please use this link to purchase a laser bailer

Prices are £15.82 + VAT (Free delivery UK only).
Please contact Movevirgo Limited for delivery costs to countries outside the UK


The repair kit contains 1 x operating cam, 1 x bung, 1 x chute and 2 x rubber 'O' rings, together with a set of installation instructions.

Prices are £7.67 + VAT (Free delivery UK only). Also available on eBay through our 'Buy It Now ' page, using PayPal.

Please use this link to purchase a repair kit.

Please note: The repair kit is designed to replace components fitted to bailers originally supplied by Movevirgo Limited. Whilst they may fit other suppliers bailers of the same type, Movevirgo Limited can accept no responsibility for premature failure of the replacement components, or the bailer itself.

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Self Bailer Suitable for Laser Dinghy (UK delivery)


Repair Kit (UK delivery)   £7.67+VAT

Please make cheques payable to Movevirgo Limited

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