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Optimist Trolley Spares

Rollover the colour dots below on the Optimist trolley photograph to see a close up of the spare part, you can order using the form below:

Drilled Elbows Aluminium Axle Tube Lock Trolley Wheel Drilled Elbows


Please note: All spares are Ex-Works and Ex-VAT prices





(OAC P) Padded Axle Cover £11.56  
(OAR) Axle 'R' Clips / pair   £1.20 / pair  
(OSAP) Padded Side Arm   £13.35  
(ODE) Drilled Elbow / pair   £8.13 / pair  
(OT) Tubelock Connectors / pair   £2.50 / pair  
(OTHP) Top Handle Padded (inluding cord, elbows & tubelock connectors)   £24.18  
(OBPP) Padded Bow Protector   £8.25  
(OWS) Wheel Spacers / pair   £2.50 / pair  
(OA) Aluminium Axle (Drilled)   £15.00  
(OTW) Trolley Wheel   £11.56 Not available at present

                                Please contact us for further information and payment details.

The Optimist Trolley parts shown in pictures on this website are for guidance only, and Movevirgo Limited reserve theright to supply alternative parts that provide the same 'in service' performance.

                                                                    Updated 25/05/18