UltraFibre Project 





In January 2010, Movevrigo Limited was invited to join an FP 7 European consortium investigating the Ultrasonic decortication and plasma coating of plant based fibres to aid their performance in the use of natural fibre composite components. The project sought to investigate fibre performance gains for both the thermoplastic and thermoset industries.

After nearly three years, and as the project nears its planned end, results have been very encouraging with thermoset production runs using polyester hemp SMC (sheet moulding compound) confirming that using the developed technology the fibre performance has indeed been enhanced. Trials on the thermoplastic materials are shortly to take place (November 2012), and it is hoped that this industry will be able to reap the benefits of this unique fibre preparation technique.

The latest publicity releases can be seen by clicking on the links below. As the project reaches it's conclusion further updates will be released.





Project Update November 2012

Injection moulding trials have been completed, with the UltraFibre material moulding well (see image below). The moulded components are currently undergoing testing to establish their physical properties, and to compare the results directly with the material currently used to produce the mouldings. Currently no cosmetic issues have arisen from using the material, with the screw threads performing well. In fact, the effect created by the hemp fibre chaff is seen as a positive in making the skeg and bolts easy to identify compared to the standard black colour of the normal nylon components





Movevirgo win Cornwall Sustainability Award

December 2012 saw Movevirgo Limited announced as winners in the 'Products' section of the Cornwall Sustainability Awards 2012. The achievement was based on the work conducted by Movevirgo Limited and sister Company Sustainable Composites Limited in driving forward development in plant based resins, foams and their direct involvement in the FP7 funded Ultrafibre Project. Further background on the Ultrafibre Project can be found at   Ultrafibre Project


Last Updated: January 3rd, 2013